Friday, October 24, 2014


It is before 8 on Friday morning.  No lights are on in the house.  I hear the hum of the washing machine down the hall.  I'm still in my pajamas and I'm sipping on coffee with Creme Brûlée creamer.  I'm not sure why I felt the need for you to have a visual of what it looks like as I type this post, but, there you have it!

Dan has gone to take both boys to school.  We recently switched one of Micah's 3 days of preschool to a Friday.  Originally we made Friday a off day for him because Dan was off that day and it gave us special time with just him.  Then, we realized one week that "special" time was really a lot of sitting in the car with me while Dan did hospital visits or running errands with us that had not gotten done over the course of the week.  So, as glamorous as that all is for a 3 year old, we decided to make this a school day and give him another day of the week off with me.  It has worked out wonderfully.  

School has been a bit of a challenge for him this year.  He doesn't love it like he did last year.  He doesn't cry but he doesn't get excited when we pull in.  He says he doesn't have any friends.  We have even considered pulling him and just keeping him home with me until VPK starts.  But, the social part of school for him is such a need.  With my first child, ( I could have just said Jonah.  It's not like I have 9 that need to be kept straight!) I was sure that he needed every single educational opportunity available so he could adequately perform when he reached Kindergarten.  So, he got it.  He was in some of the best preschool programs and academically, he was at the top of his class.  He has not struggled once since hitting school.  But, honestly, I think preschool helped him more socially than academically.  He made friends in preschool that entered Kindergarten with him so he was never alone at school.  He started day one with a group of kids that have walked through 4 years with him.  It's made a huge difference for a kid that would have been super timid otherwise about starting something new.  

So, that is where I am with Micah.  He's my introvert.  He's my timid guy.  I know the ABC's and handwriting will come.  I know the sight words will happen.  But, I need him to be more social and realize his mom is not the only show in town.  While the selfish side of me wants him to love me and be a little over the top with his connection to me, the well rounded side of me wants him to have other experiences that don't include me so that when he has to do real school, he is ready.  I read a blog post yesterday about how we create so many magical moments for our kids that when they hit the reality of school, they can't handle it because it is structured and their happiness isn't the most important thing to a classroom full of kids. If I don't force Micah into school routines and procedures, he will be that Kindergartner crying every day who hates school.  And, it doesn't hurt that he gave me 10 facts about "Leo-ree De-vee-chi" (that's Leonardo DiVinci) yesterday and told me step by step how to grow a carrot from a seed.  And, let's be honest, he could be wrong about either of this because if there is anything his parents have zero knowledge about it, it is famous artists and growing vegetables!

(Totally shifting gears...)  Today is an exciting day for us.  We are going on a date to Disney!  When we were dating, we fell in love with Jim Brickman.  His CD was the first gift Dan ever gave me.  His music has been part of every special thing we have ever done.  We are big fans.  When I was at Epcot with Jonah on Monday, I realized he would be in concert there Thursday and Friday of this week for their Eat to the Beat series.  Friday was out for us because we had a Halloween Party to attend.  So, I tried to make Thursday work.  But, Dan had meetings that couldn't be rescheduled.  I resigned myself to it not working.  Then, our party hosts came down with the crud so they canceled the party.  All of the sudden, Friday became a reality.

Our amazing friend offered to get both kids from school and keep them until late tonight so we could go.  She even offered to let them spend the night.  Yeah, she's that good of a friend!  Since I told Dan that it all worked out for us to go, he keeps saying "I'm so glad we get to go!"  I don't guess I realized what a big deal it was for him.  And, truthfully, life has been so busy lately that we haven't spent any quality time together that didn't involve driving from one event to another.  So, this will be good.   And, unless my memory fails me, we have lived her five years and never done Disney alone.  (except for our 2 hour stop at Hollywood Studios on the way home from our anniversary trip!)  So, it's a big day for us.  Truthfully, where we are going isn't as big of a deal as just a full day together.  We are both excited about that.  

Can you believe Christmas is just 2 months away?  I've been working on our kid's wish lists and trying to determine what their 3 gifts will be.  I'm trying to have shopping behind me before the busyness of the season hits.  I want to soak it up rather than rushing around.  I loved our Advent celebrations last year and look forward to more of that this year.  Micah is old enough to "get it" this year and I want them to have the wonder of what it meant for Jesus to be born into this crazy world.  

But, before the madness of Christmas, I have Micah's birthday party.  Which, by the way, is just 2 weeks away.  I wish you could see all of the amazing party plans and decorations that I have.  I'd love to show you except none have been done.  And, by none, I mean zero.  Well, I take that back, I have a date for his party, a shirt ordered and that is it.  No invitation, no decorations, no games, no food, NOTHING.  So, two weeks from tomorrow will either be very impressive (that I threw it all together) or very sad (because my 4 year old doesn't even have a cake to eat at his party!)  We'll see...

That's all from me.  The dog is barking and the washer is done. Time for me to get busy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Epcot with the big boy!

Today was a school holiday for Jonah.  He went to work with me this morning then we took off for a full day of fun at Epcot.  I scheduled Fast Passes for Magic Kingdom last night but he asked if we could switch to Epcot because that is his favorite park.  We did switch them but they were for late in the day so got to play around most of the day until our Fast Passes started at 5:00 p.m.

I was reminded today of those early days in Florida when the two of us spent so many days at Disney.  It has been a while since it was just the two of us there.  It was a fun day.  He just seems so big now.  He has real people conversations.  He can hang all day at Disney with no stroller, no bag of snacks, no breaks to rest.  He's just a big kid.

Jimmy was super proud of Jonah's straight A's so he told me "to buy that boy something!"  Well, that boy wanted a funnel cake at Epcot, so that boy got a funnel cake.  We took this picture and sent it to Jimmy then called to tell him how good it was.  (Thanks, Jimmy!  He was happy to spend your money on a couple of treats today!!!)
It really was such a fun day for us.  We got home 13 hours after we left.  We had some really good talks.  We rode rides.  We watched shows.  We visited the countries.  We rode a boat.  But, most of all, we just spent the whole day together.  It was fun!!!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Little Red Fire Truck

 After Micah was born, we received a sweet package in the mail for him from the people who sold us this house.  It was a fun book about fire trucks called My Little Red Fire Truck.  It has all of these different things you take off the page to do an activity on the truck.  Micah loves it.  (So does Jonah!) 
 I kept it put up until Micah was 18 months old or so.  They have played with it and read it so many times since then.  Surprisingly, it is still in pretty good shape.  One morning last week, Micah asked if he could read outside while I was cleaning.  I opened the door and he grabbed that book and took it to the couch on the patio.  
 He talked to him self in his best fireman voice.  He fixed the tires and rolled up the hose.  He made a siren noise.  He sang a song about fires.  He literally stayed out there for over an hour with that one book.  I went out with him for a while and read the book to him and then he read it to me.  
I think this might be one of those books that ends up in his box of special things to pass on to him when he is older.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mississippi, y'all!!!!

It's frustrating to be from a state that people make fun of.  It irritates me because that is the state where I was born and spent most of my life.  It is the state that had amazing churches where I fell in love with Jesus.  It is the state that educated both of us.  It is the state that holds (other than the ones who live in my house) the people I love most in this world.  It is the state that taught me to be hospitable and kind.  It is the state that had a lot to do with who I am today.

Just today in Sunday School, our lesson was on stewardship.  Our teacher asked if anyone knew what the most generous state in the U.S. was.  He looked right at me as he asked so everyone assumed it was Mississippi.  They were right.  Hands down, that state is known for being overly generous.  That makes me happy.  While ESPN tries their best to make Mississippi look like a place with no indoor plumbing and all back roads, Mississippi is actually a great place to live.  Unfortunately, the people who talk so bad about it have never even visited.  If they had, they would know that  Mississippi has paved roads, great shopping, beautiful country, Mistletoe Marketplace, fabulous churches, unbelievable history, gorgeous homes and now, TWO AMAZING FOOTBALL TEAMS!

I can't tell you how happy I am to see the success of my two favorite football teams.  I grew up an Ole Miss fan.  My family are die hards.  They buy season tickets.  They tailgate.  They have rooms in their homes devoted to Colonel Reb.  They have Dixieland as their ring tones.  They wear red and blue all the time.  They love Ole Miss.  I grew up that way.

Then, I fell in love with a Mississippi State boy.  And, by loving him, I came to love his bulldogs.  I wear MSU shirts.  I go to MSU games.  I buy MSU gear.  I'm helping my boys learn proper cowbell etiquette.  I know all the words to the fight song.  I've learned the ways of Mississippi State.

So, this has me just ecstatic.  (And, Boomama's reference to Dallas just put it over the top for me!)

And, just for fun, I embedded a few more of my favorite tweets.  There are so many of them out there lauding these two teams.  

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Volunteer of the Year

My husband really is a rock star!  He is such a hard working guy who puts 100 % in to whatever he does.  That sometimes annoys me because I want something done quick and he wants it done correct. Ahem.  But, that is what makes him a success in most everything he does.  That has followed him in his jobs, academics, hobbies and now in his volunteer role at Jonah's school.  

I got these pictures via text from the Office Administrator at his school today. The text said "VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR!"  The office called Jonah out of class so he could help present the award to Dan.  I love that they did that.  It's a big deal to Jonah.   

Dan was there to volunteer this morning when they let him know he won.  He volunteers every Wednesday morning when he drops Jonah off for school and usually every Friday too.  His first job was when Jonah was in Kindergarten.  He helped in his classroom.  Then, in First grade, he was in Jonah's classroom one day when his teacher had a tech problem that Dan was able to fix.  The word quickly spread and he became the official tech guy of first grade.  Anytime there was a computer issue, they called him.  It didn't take long for that word to spread and soon he started getting calls from other grades.  

Now, he is the official tech guy.  Well, actually he is the un-official tech guy.  The school district has a whole tech department but they are so backlogged that it takes weeks to have tech requests answered.   So, Dan does a lot of plugging/unplugging, connecting cables, changing resolution, googling issues and switching out computer parts.  But, those simple things get classrooms up and running again so even though a lot of it is very simple, it is a huge help to teachers who are doing an awesome job molding and shaping minds.  

We love Jonah's school and consider it a great privilege to be there to support teachers in what they do.  It is great to see our little guy throughout the day and for him to see us serving his school.  But, most of all, it is a great opportunity to be salt and light.  We struggled with the decision of putting Jonah into our Christian school at our church or in public school.  Having him in public school has given us access to so many people that would never step into a church.  We get to form relationships with people that we would never know otherwise.  And, I'll tell you, there have been some sweet things come from that.  

I'm super proud of my husband.  He works a full-time job and on his day off sacrifices so much time. He doesn't do it for the recognition but it is always nice to be recognized.  He is embarrassed by the attention of it all but that just further proves my point of who he is.  He's a good guy.  I'm glad he's mine!  :-)

Monday, October 6, 2014

September iphone dump

When my boys are older, they may hate looking back at all of these pictures of them holding hands and walking.  But, I hope they prod them to remember how close they were and to desire to maintain a close relationship. 
Micah and I were walking through our neighborhood one night and he spotted the X on the sidewalk and screamed to me that he found the treasure. 
Our nursery/preschool/kids minsitry has implemented a new check-in/security system and we have the key tags to prove it.  :-)
Laundry Day!  I'm training these boys to help around the house!
Dan and Micah spent a Friday at Magic Kingdom and had a great time!
I sent this to a friend because we always have one person make the most random comments on our FB Status.  It was so appropriate after we had a conversation about this the night before!
This kid LOVES an Icee from the Racetrac. 
Jonah's first Discipleship class made me so happy.  It was a huge blessing to see those kids diving into God's word and learning to study the Bible themselves. 
My boys all in white t-shirts.  It's kind of a uniform around here. 
This one loves his "The Very Hungry Caterpillar!"  That is definitely his all time favorite book.  Gymboree has an Eric Carle line and I want it all for him because I know how much he would love it. 
I knew this guy was sick after school one day when he couldn't sit up for crying.  I took this picture for Dan as we waited to see the doctor. 
Then, after I got home with him, the little guy got sick and we all loaded up and went back to the doctor.  That was the week we spent $250 in $25 copays. 

But, as you can see, he felt better soon. 
One of my favorite things this year is volunteering at Jonah's school. I spend 8-12 hours there each week and love every minute of it.  I usually have lunch with Jonah on the Thursday I am there. 
I've been able to do some nursing home/hospital visits with Dan on Friday morning since we switched Micah's preschool day.  It's been special to see him love on these sweet senior adults. 
We've enjoyed a few Disney days lately. 

And, trains have been the toy of the month at our house.  I can't tell you how many hours they have spent building tracks all through our house. 

This is good. 
So is this.  :-)
And, just for laughs...Micah in the fatbooth!  ha
I'm in the middle of the study on the life of Paul and came across this.  I know some people who have lived this out in big ways. 
This is Saturday night.  I'm super excited.
Jonah and Ava have been friends since K-3.  We have so many pictures of them together.  I love looking back and seeing how they have grown. 
Speaking of growing, this was my #tbt one day last month.  Little Jonah was so cute!
One Friday morning, I snapped this photo while we were both doing our quiet times.  I'm in Acts and he is in Judges. 
More trains!
September was a FULL month.  I don't think I used my regular camera more than a couple of times.  So, I'm glad for the iPhone dump posts because it makes up for my lack of blogging. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Scripture Memory

Jonah has been in a Discipleship class on Sunday nights.  Here is some of the fruit of that class.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week 10

Day 64 
Work with Mommy
Fun with Meagan while I went to a meeting
Play time with the Ricks' kids
Ice Cream at Sweet Spot

Day 65
Chuck E. Cheese with Mrs. Beth & Lennon
Tennis with the family
Playground with the family

Day 66
Sun Rail ride to Winter Park
Lunch at The Coop
Shopping and Ice Cream on Park Avenue
Day 67
Disney Water Park with The Schacter Family
Day 68
Meet the Teacher Day
Jonah to Disney with The Shacters and Miss Hannah
Micah shopping and dinner with Mom & Dad

Day 69
Disney Water Park with the family
Day 70
THE BIG FINALE to the greatest summer EVER!!!
The Melting Pot on the night before school begins!

Well, this finishes it up!  The 70th post of our fabulous summer.  I can not imagine a better summer than we had this year.  I already know our summer will look different next year.  Jonah is signed up for WinShape Camp in Georgia next July.  I will go 5 days without seeing his sweet face.  I can hardly believe I'm doing this but I know it is best for him.  I have a few friends who have sent their kids to WinShape and they all say it is the best thing they have ever done for them.  So, after praying about it and asking a lot of questions, we went for it.  That, with a few other things planned will make for a fun summer but different than this year.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to be home with them and experience the things we did this summer.  These days were some of the sweetest of my life!


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