Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our first family beach day of 2014

I told you I'd be a better blogger once my kids went back to school, right? Well, here I am again! I took the boys to school today then had an appointment with the doctor. After that, I browsed at Publix. Like, slowly took my time and didn't have to take a kid to the bathroom or clean up a dropped cookie. It was kind of nice. I brought all the groceries home and started dinner for 3 families. I started uploading pictures from various things we did this summer and now while the veggies roast, I can blog. Then, after I deliver dinner to the other two families, I can blog more. Dan has taken the boys to a crazy little adventure that you will see later on his Facebook. So, anyway... 

A couple of weeks ago, we had our first family beach day of this summer.  Who cares that it was the week before school started back.  It happened.  And, we loved it.  Poor Dan missed so much of our fun summer because he was working hard to finance the said fun summer.  ;-)  So, we were always happy when he got to be with us.  

The beach has been more beautiful this year than I ever remember it being in years past.  I am thinking about going one morning by myself now that the kids are back in school.  I don't ever get to sit and read or just stare at the water when they are there.  The beach is an all hands on deck kind of place.  But, I hear it calling my name while the weather is still so warm!

As you can see, Dan and Jonah spent the majority of their day on boogie boards.  Jonah wants to take surf lessons next summer.  I offered to teach him myself but after seeing me on the boogie board, he declined. 

There are many reasons I love Central Florida, and the beach is just one of them.  We left our house at 9:30.  We were on the beach at 10.  After playing in the pool and showering, we were back home by 5 that afternoon.  It was a great day!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Me:  Good Morning, Buddy!  

Micah:  Where are we going today?

Me:  School.  Remember?

Micah:  Not again!  Ugh!

I know it's the sleepiness talking but it still made me laugh.  One day behind him and he is done.  Ha.  Poor guy.  He just wanted to sleep more!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School- 2014-2015

All the people in this house are exhausted. We've been up since 5:30 a.m.  Well, Dan and I have been up since then.  The kids got up at 6.  Our typical school wake up time is 6:40 but the first day of school is sheer madness on Jonah's campus.  So, we leave our house at 7:15 and sit in our car until 7:45.  Otherwise, we would fight lots of traffic and have to park up the road rather than at school.  We did this his Kindergarten year and it has worked perfect every year since.  

It helps that I had everything ready the night before.  Lunches were made.  Clothes were laid out.  Teacher gifts were ready.  Backpacks were packed.  Breakfast fruit was washed and cut.  The only thing left for me to do was make muffins.  Now, 14 hours later, making those muffins seem to have happened a week ago.  Did I mention we were exhausted? 
The boys got partially dressed then came in for breakfast.  They both LOVE muffins and wish for those most every morning.  So, muffins are pretty common around here in the morning time.  We add fruit and/or yogurt and they are both happy. 

Jonah came outside first for his 3rd grade photos.  Have I ever mentioned that it is much easier to photograph a 3rd grader than it is a 3 year old?  Oh, I haven't?  Well, let me tell is much easier to photograph a 3rd grader than a 3 year old.  He is so cooperative and it goes quick. 

Then, there is this hot mess.  He is so stinkin' cute and sweet but man...he is NOT a fan of photos.  I was surprised to get the good ones I got today.  He actually smiled AND looked at the camera at the same time in a few of them. 

We walked to his place to line up and expected to hug him and tell him bye.  We spoke to friends and turned to realize he was already in line and had no plans to hug us or tell us goodbye.  Well, okay then!  We waved and told him to have a fun day.  Micah went over to hug him then we all left for Micah's school.  Oh, I should also mention that driving down the Interstate yesterday, Jonah piped up from the back seat and said "You can just do drop off tomorrow.  You don't have to walk me up there."  I said "Have you lost your mind?  I will do drop off starting Tuesday but I will walk you up on the first day of all of your elementary school years."  Seriously, has he lost his mind?  ;-)
We left Jonah and went to Micah's school.  He was still happy.  Last week, he repeatedly told me that he didn't need to go back to school because he went last year. Open House on Friday got him a little bit excited.  But, I was expecting a complete meltdown from this momma's boy!  But, he proved me wrong.  He grabbed his teacher gifts and marched right in there. 

We are so grateful for the wonderful teachers our boys have.  They are blessed with good friends in their classes.  We feel so fortunate that they attend the schools they do.  It makes this momma's heart glad to see them happy and love school so much! 


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